About Us

Mommy and Me of Englewood was started with the concept that young children lack the important educational foundation and socialization needed to prepare children for their academic future. Mommy and Me of Englewood believes that this foundation begins with the children’s interaction with their parents and caregivers. The purpose of Mommy and Me of Englewood is to provide parents and guardians with guidance on how to interact with their children in positive educational ways.

Our Mission

Mommy and Me of Englewood meets the needs of the families in the community by providing quality educationally based age appropriate social experiences for children ages birth through 4 years old. Mommy and Me of Englewood strives to educate parents and caregivers on child development, positive communication, and the importance of play.

The Goal of Mommy and Me of Englewood 

 Our goal is to provide a stimulating learning environment for your child where they will have the opportunity to engage socially in a community of learners and caregivers. Allowing children to learn and play together in a group setting at a young age, with the guided support of a caring community of adults, makes the eventual transition into a separated school program as easy and natural as possible. We hope that you will make some new friends at Mommy and Me of Englewood and build lasting bonds for both you and your child. We also hope that all adults will be accepting and understanding of all the families in their classes, as we work through the joys and challenges of both childhood and parenthood together!

Our Team

Dr. Stacy Beharry
Dr. Stacy Beharry
21 Years in Early Childhood Education
Dr. Stacy Beharry has been in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 21 years, and has taught mommy and me educationally for over 5 years. Ms. Stacy received her Bachelor’s Degree from Syracuse University in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a specialization in both Psychology and Education. She went on to receive her Master’s Degree from NYU in Early Childhood Education and is a certified teacher for both NY and NJ.  

Stacy received her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Organizational Change from the University of Southern California School of Education. Ms. Stacy’s goal is to educate parents and caregivers on how Early Childhood Education serves as the foundation of every child’s academic success during the schooling years. Ms. Stacy serves as the Education Curriculum Coordinator at Mommy and Me of Englewood. 

Ms. Sytania Smith
Ms. Sytania Smith
20 Years in Early Childhood Education
Ms. Sytania Smith has been in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 20 years and has a specialization in working with children under the age of 4. Ms. Sytania attended higher education in Jamaica where she learned the importance of Early Childhood Education and gained firsthand experience in how to educate young children. Ms. Sytania has worked in a variety of early childhood educational settings including Head Start, Elementary School, and is a Potty Training Specialist. 

Ms. Sytania is in process of receiving her teaching credentials and is dedicated to the field of Early Childhood education. Ms. Sytania is a dedicated worker who believes in the importance of socialization through play. Ms. Sytania is an expert at parent communication having led parent teacher conferences for over five years at her previous organization. Ms. Sytania has also perfected the home to school connection helping parents bridge the gap of how to help their children at school. Ms. Sytania serves as the Parent Liason at the Mommy and Me of Englewood.  

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