Preschool Experience & Alternative  

Englewood NJ

Our "Preschool Experience" Mommy & Me sessions are designed for ages 2-4 years old. This is a slow transition program for:
  • Families who are not looking for a full-time daycare experience but want their children preschool ready.
  • For children who may struggle with separation anxiety and haven’t had experience being dropped off.
  • For children who may be struggling with language, socialization, or need guidance strategies.
  • We specialize in working with children who are non-native speakers of English.
This program focuses on milestone development as well as academic achievement. The children in this program will work on letter and number recognition, pre-reading and pre-writing skills, learn classroom rules and structure, as while fostering language development and social skills.
This program is from September through June and is charged on a monthly basis. Call to find out more about this Preschool Alternative!
  • Academic school year: September 10th – June 26th
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am – 12:30pm
  • Enrollment fee: $250 due at the time of registration (½ of September).   

Benefits of this Preschool Alternative

  • One-on-one attention provided for children throughout the class
  • Slow transition for children who need time to acclimate 
  • Small group setting 
  • Program is tailored to the needs of each individual child 
  • Selection process for enrollment 
  • Allows your child the benefit of learning preschool curriculum without having to be enrolled in full time care, which many young children are not ready for. 
  • Allows social interaction for children to take place in a safe and controlled environment. 
  • Promotes academic development that is based on where your child is developmentally, rather than a “group learning” mentality. 
  • Gets your child preschool ready without forcing the child to separate in a way that is unhealthy or can affect the child’s social emotional development

Benifits for Special Needs Children

  • Due to the small class size, Mommy and Me of Englewood is able to provide one on one interactions for children to help facilitate play and learning. 
  • Mommy and Me of Englewood has helped promote language for non-speakers of English. 
  • Mommy and Me of Englewood has worked with children who have been diagnosed with Autism. These children benefit from this program because they are able to socially interact with peers in an environment that is safe and allows the space that is necessary for quality play to be successful. 
  • Mommy and Me of Englewood also works with children who have had gross motor, fine motor, and speech delays. Over time, and in conjunction with other services the child has received, significant progress was seen. 
  • Mommy and Me of Englewood also provides 1:1 specialized sessions for children with social emotional issues, behavioral problems, or developmental issues BEFORE they enter the preschool program. 
  • Mommy and Me of Englewood will provide pictures of your child and feedback throughout the time they are in our care, in real time! You do not have to worry about how your child may be doing, because we will be in constant contact!

To be enrolled in the Preschool Experience / Alternative:

  • Mommy and Me of Englewood is a SLOW transition program. We do not believe in rushing children or traumatizing them. In order for your child to be enrolled, you must take one of our 5 class packages or sign up for private classes. 
  • Once we feel that your child displays a comfort level with our environment, and with our staff, we will then advise you to enroll your child. 
  • This program was designed to help children acclimate to a school environment in a way that will support them emotionally. 
  • It is important to note that early childhood education is the foundation for all further schooling. It is imperative that children be able to feel comfortable in their first academic environment. Once comfortable, academically, these children will thrive! 
  • Please keep in mind that this program is NOT full time daycare, nor was it designed to be. This program is an experience that was carefully designed with our youngest learners in mind.

Supporting Research:

Among the factors that can contribute to strong social and emotional development among preschool children include consistency (Lang, 2016). With high teacher turnover rates, consistency in early childhood settings may be disturbed. Little research has explored the direct impact that this form of inconsistency may have on a child’s social and emotional development. There is some indication that teacher’s competence, coupled with child-centered beliefs motivation, and social and emotional responsiveness, may all influence the successful development of children during preschool years (Lang, 2016). A study by Sturmont (2017), published in the International Journal on Disability and Human Development, confirms research conducted in (2004) by the National Education for Young Children stating that the annual turnover rate for preschool teachers is 30% At Mommy and Me of Englewood, the teachers are consistent, and therefore we provide the strong emotional connectivity that children need in their formative educational years. 

According to research, high-quality preschool programs are directly correlated with long term student success (Yoshikawa, Weiland, & Brooks-Gunn, 2016). According to Burchinal, Vandergrift, Pianta, & Mashburn (2010), teacher-child interactions in preschool result in better outcomes when teachers are highly motivated and engage in high-quality education. At Mommy and Me of Englewood, each thematic curriculum unit is designed with your young learner in mind. Each lesson signifies high quality learning in that we provide a home-school connection.  Not only are we in constant communication with you, but we also provide opportunities for you to engage in your child’s learning with them at home!

Parents consistently search for high-quality care that provides not only consistency, but also care in the way of a child’s intellectual development (Porter, 2012). Children that receive appropriate care and stimulation are likely to do well as they pass into advanced level school and courses. At Mommy and Me of Englewood we focus on the whole child. We work to enhance cognitive, social emotional, muscle development, and academic development. Children are expected to improve language skills as well as begin to trace, be familiar with letter, number, and sound recognition. Overall, children will walk away with a plethora of learning, all while enhancing their social skills! 
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If you are interested in learning more about us, or if you have any questions, just contact us and we will provide you with all the details, in no time.