Specialized Sessions

For ages 6 weeks - 24 months
These sessions were designed to promote milestone development for little hands and help little minds to grow into big thinkers! If your child or group has a special need we can customize a session to assist, including special class locations. Give us a call to discuss.
To attend class you MUST call ahead of time to reserve your spot!
6 weeks to 24 months old

 Infant Time 

  • 30 Minutes 
This class was designed to stimulate young minds while creating bonds between caregiver and child! This fun filled 1/2 hour class includes lap rides, song time with instrument play, bubble time, story time and more! 

Infant Gym

  • 30 minutes 
The class moves beyond tummy time! This class works to strengthen those muscles while enhancing both fine motor and gross motor development. When it's cold outside this is the best place for your little one to get their excercise in!  

Paint With Me

  • 45 minutes
This developmental class is taught with little hands in mind. This class teaches children exploratory art concepts while working with the idea that art should be fun! This class is set up to help children with their fine motor development and foster cognitive development. Little hands love art and this class proves it! 

Baby Time

  • 30 minutes
This class was created with your baby's developmental milestones in mind. This class consists of music, movement, parachute play, story time, and incorporates an introductory art project. Get ready to have some fun and learn! 

Private Classes

  • 30 minutes  
  • Offered: Times Vary  
With the weather getting colder we can come to you to teach any of the classes listed above! Contact us for more details! 

Baby Gym 

  • 30 minutes
This class was designed with your little one's gross motor skills in mind. It's cold outside so spend some time climbing through tunnels and jumping in ball pits indoors! This class is 1/2 hour of high energy for little muscles! 

If you are interested in learning more about us, or if you have any questions, just contact us and we will provide you with all the details, in no time.